Gorrell Guitars

Gorrell Woodworking

After over thirty years as a cabinet maker and furniture builder for many of the finest houses in Atlanta, I have sold my shop, equipment, and everything else and become a guitar builder.

This is no small undertaking and I would not be offering my instruments for sale if I did not feel that they were worth the money. I have been working hard at developing a truly great-sounding guitar since 2015. I think that I have reached that point and that my instruments deserve close consideration.


Services: For a shop rate of $60.00 per hour, I can do the following work:
  • Plate Thicknessing, using SCMI 25-inch-wide belt sander.
  • Side Bending, using Fox style bender for the bending profiles of the guitars I make
  • Fret Dressing
  • Re-fretting of your guitar
  • Minor Repairs